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Feedbacks for final presentation

posted May 18, 2017, 12:16 AM by Yonggeun Kim   [ updated May 18, 2017, 12:21 AM ]
Dear all,

I compiled the comments for each of your case studies. Please read one by one carefully though some are not your own. Please review the requirement for your final presentation again. It helps you understand what kind of information & data is necessary to proceed your own final presentation. It is highly recommended to try to read the case study article chosen by Ms. Nazi & Ms. Ismat. You can find these at the end of schedule page

And Mr. Chris, Sorry but the youtube like you gave me doesn't work. Please send me a valid link.

If you have any feedback let’s talk about it next Monday. 

Please don't forget to read the article for Monday too. 

Thank you.

  • Vikky,
    • It is necessary to review your proposals based on the core ideas on HTP. It is about how to improve productivity in organization. To reach this goal you need to have a very detailed data on your case study. The case study on starbucks Malaysia and 3M needs more data in this aspect. The last one on bilingual deaf children has less relevancy on the productivity improvement in organization. 
  • Raymond
    • Since the final case study is about how to improve organization you are required to analyse how your proposed technology can contribute the improvement of productivity in existing organization. Or you can suggest that your technology can replace an existing intervention that has been tried in other project. If the given technology is a qualified solution then it is required to explore in what situation is the best to deploy this solution to improve the real world situation. I believe this is the difference between inventors and businessman in their role. 
  • Ismat
    • The paper you choose has enough data to analyse the intervention made for Nortel. I believe if you are able to proposed an alternative intervention in comparison with the given idea in the name of Virtual Mentor you case study would be successful. 
  • Fritz
    • The problem you stated is not a problem but a situation. The data you mentioned needs its citation source to justify your interventions. This means your cause analysis needs evidence. It will be very nice if you can give us examples. And it is necessary the differentiate intervention and solution. Please read the text book on this matter. 
  • Mindy
    • In my understanding paper you chose proposes the principles to amend the existing safety guideline for maritime industry towards more effective way base on the varied observations and research. Is there any other related paper that deals with a real world application with the proposed principles? Please help me clarify your plan with the chosen papers.